New Collection

Ionic Jewelry by Divine Crystal Souls®. All crystals and stones are natural with clean and clear activated through Light Ionization method.

New Collection 2016 on:

 with special offer for every one to have an Ionic piece of Jewelry one of a kind piece of jewelry by Divine Crystal Souls®.

New 2015 
The Royal Collection

The Royal Golden Therapeutic Tree 





Royal Golden Therapeutic Star 


Royal Silver Therapeutic Flower 





Royal Silver Therapeutic Heart



Royal Silver Therapeutic Eye 



The Compass Collection 



The Inner Comp


The Tiger Compass 

Egyptian tradition handmade golden brass necklace






The Key Collection



The Heart Key 



The Finder Key 



The Happy Key 



The Love Key 

The Healing Key 





The Divine Key




The Senses Key 
The Total Key 

Spiritual Healing Collection

 The Majestic Healing Sebha

 Happy Soul Sebha

The New Collection’s Big Offer for All Family

Buy the main piece and Get the rest of its collection for free

The Main Piece

Serpentine Family Healing

Serpentine Healing Collection

 For the Elder Chid

 For the Youngest Child

For the Father

Buy the main piece and get the rest of collection for free if you have 2 children.

Very strong healing collection to tune the family into clear frequency of love and understanding while keeping each member on his/her unique path on living. 

The Main Piece
Jasper Light
Jasper Light Collection


Buy the main piece and get the other one for free. For couples to open special spiritual path of love and physical connection when one of then is in a higher frequency of spiritual life.

 The Main Piece

Tourmaline Protection

      Buy the main piece and get the other piece for free to give strong physical and mental protection to your child and his/her  sister/brother.

All Rights Reserved Divine Crystal Souls®



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