Ionic looper

For all our clients, we present our newest metaphysical healing tool to create an Ionic loop around your rest, feet, waist, neck and head.
The Ionic Looper is a set of ” 7 pieces” will be made for each person according to his/her health condition.
Price: 7000$ includes:
1- 2 pieces for the rests in shape of bracelets with ionic metaphysical metals and stones. The design is varying according to the condition of the person and the healing needs.
2- 2 pieces for the ankles.
3- 1 piece for the waist in shape of belt made of ionic metaphysical metals and stones in special shape for each person.
4- 1piece for the neck
5- 1 piece for the head

You get the 7 pieces and wear them as we give you the instructions to get the result within 3 -5 days of working healing and following up.

Enjoy our Ionic Looper made specially for you by Dr. Wafaa Yedisu. Produced by Ionic Jewelry by Divine Crystal Souls.


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