Ionic Jewelry By Divine Crystal Souls®

June 6, 2012

Original, Natural, Beautiful, Therapeutic, Angelic and Charged Through Ionization methods of Light by Divine Crystal Souls

For Physical illness, Mental imbalance, Energy blocks or Spiritual needs.
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Each piece of jewelry is made with Love and healing energy through Ionization scientific methods by Divine Crystal Souls® ;” Dr.Wafaa Yedisu”. All  pieces are made of natural crystals and stones. 

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Metaphysical Angelic Therapeutic Necklaces


Metaphysical Angelic Therapeutic Bracelets


Metaphysical Angelic Therapeutic Ankle Bracelets


Metaphysical Rings

Metaphysical Angelic Therapeutic & Talisman Pendants


Metaphysical Angelic Healing  Crystal Transmitters


Ancient Egyptian Metaphysical Talisman


Meteorite Crystals and Stones




Ionic Spheres


Ionic Wands


Ionic Clusters


Ionic Crystal Points


Ionic Tumbled Crystals & Stones


Ionic Cups and Plates



Ionic Geodes


Ionic Pyramids



Ionic Eggs



Ionic Rough Crystals & Stones


All the pieces are handmade with original beautiful design and clean balanced Light Ionization method.

Look, feel, Choose and Order.


Contact us


 Main Office: www.facebook.com/thedivinecrystalsouls




Original With Ancient Knowledge


All Rights Reserved – Divine Crystal Souls®


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