Therapeutic Metal

February 23, 2015

We create the right amount of metal to direct the therapeutic energy to the right point of your Metaphysical Human Net.
Write to us your therapeutic needs and your budget $ and we will design a special piece of therapeutic metal jewelry for you.
Try our products for free till the end of March 2015. When you order from our products with 3000$, you get a free Therapeutic Metal Jewelry piece.


Ionic Jewelry Diploma

January 14, 2015

Ionic Jewelry by Divine Crystal Souls presents:
Ionic Jewelry Diploma.

Study how to create Ionic piece of jewelry.
Study crystals and stones Ionization methods that not published on books or internet.
Study human body and mind system that connected to crystals and stones Ionization.
Study how to use the Ionic crystals for the human remedy and therapy.

Levels: 3 levels
Duration: 3 hours per level
Fees: 5000$ Per individual per level

Includes all Crystal tools and study material with the certificate.
Place: Egypt, Cairo and Online through Skype worldwide.


Ionic Jewelry By Divine Crystal Souls®

June 6, 2012

Original, Natural, Beautiful, Therapeutic, Angelic and Charged Through Ionization methods of Light by Divine Crystal Souls

For Physical illness, Mental imbalance, Energy blocks or Spiritual needs.
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Each piece of jewelry is made with Love and healing energy through Ionization scientific methods by Divine Crystal Souls® ;” Dr.Wafaa Yedisu”. All  pieces are made of natural crystals and stones. 

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Metaphysical Angelic Therapeutic Necklaces


Metaphysical Angelic Therapeutic Bracelets


Metaphysical Angelic Therapeutic Ankle Bracelets


Metaphysical Rings

Metaphysical Angelic Therapeutic & Talisman Pendants


Metaphysical Angelic Healing  Crystal Transmitters


Ancient Egyptian Metaphysical Talisman


Meteorite Crystals and Stones




Ionic Spheres


Ionic Wands


Ionic Clusters


Ionic Crystal Points


Ionic Tumbled Crystals & Stones


Ionic Cups and Plates



Ionic Geodes


Ionic Pyramids



Ionic Eggs



Ionic Rough Crystals & Stones


All the pieces are handmade with original beautiful design and clean balanced Light Ionization method.

Look, feel, Choose and Order.


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